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real life Jun 04, 2020

I have struggled for over a week about what to say about the state of where we are right now. I know I am no expert on any of this, not even close.


Here is what I do believe:


  1. The murder of George Floyd was flat out WRONG. It should never have happened. PERIOD.


  1. Saying I...
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real life Oct 15, 2019

I DID IT!  I wrote a blog and posted it!!!

I am day two into this and I am both excited and nervous. 

Starting something new is always scary.  Even more so as you get older, what if I fail, what if no one supports it, what if....

So, for those of you who haven't stayed up to...

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influencer real life Oct 14, 2019

Last night Daryl, my husband, and I got home from an amazing five days in San Diego attending INFLUENCER 2019.  Did you know "Influencer" isn't a word according to spell check.  How do you attend something that doesn't exist?  

So, red wavy line under "Influencer", I hate to...

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