I Can Be Better.

real life Jun 04, 2020

I have struggled for over a week about what to say about the state of where we are right now. I know I am no expert on any of this, not even close.


Here is what I do believe:


  1. The murder of George Floyd was flat out WRONG. It should never have happened. PERIOD.


  1. Saying I would have done something differently if I were there, would only be conjecture. I wasn't there. I would like to think I would have been brave enough to step in and get involved at the risk of being arrested or worse, however, we never know what we would do until we are in the shoes of those standing on the side lines. It isn't fair for me to judge those who were yelling in support of George Floyd for not stepping in.


  1. I believe all 4 officers should have been detained immediately the night the event happened. There was 72-hours to hold them in custody to come up with charges. I do believe, had it been anyone else off the street, they would have been detained. A case in point is the Semi-Truck Driver who drove down HWY 35 into the group of protesters. No one died; however, he was detained for 72-hours before being released without charges.


  1. The Protesters have every right to protest peacefully without fear of punishment or retribution.


  1. Rioters, looters, vandals do not.


  1. I have to change. I have to be better. I have to take responsibility for me and up my game.


In the past I have had an issue with the "Black Lives Matter". For me, "All Lives Matter". I did not understand why that was a bad thing. I GET IT NOW!


For those who don't, and are where I used to be, let me share with you how it finally got through to me. When someone says, "Black Lives Matter" and you answer with "All Lives Matter" you are not giving recognition to the original statement. You are not allowing the other person to be heard or understood. They are not saying other lives DO NOT matter, they are just stating, accurately so, that BLACK lives matter. If you are going to say ALL lives matter, then, yes, you are including BLACK lives, however, the point isn't about ALL lives. It is about BLACK lives. and yes, BLACK LIVES MATTER. PERIOD. I get it now. Sorry it took me so long.


I am not perfect, nor will I ever be.  I am understanding, caring, open to learning, questioning my ideas, and being a better person.  I know not everyone is, but I am.  We may not agree and that is ok.  I still love you and wish the best for you.  That is what I was taught.  Although, I have heard it said that the Golden Rule is “Those who make the gold, make the rules.”  I know it was in gest and said by a parent wanting me to fall inline as a child.  However, if we all followed the REAL Golden Rule of treating others as you want to be treated, this would be a better world.


I challenge you, have you been listening?  I have been and will continue to do so with an open heart and mind.  #BlackLivesMatter


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