influencer real life Oct 14, 2019

Last night Daryl, my husband, and I got home from an amazing five days in San Diego attending INFLUENCER 2019.  Did you know "Influencer" isn't a word according to spell check.  How do you attend something that doesn't exist?  

So, red wavy line under "Influencer", I hate to tell you, there were over 2,000 people at this event and it was amazing.  There were some many wonderful speakers, Brendon Burchard, Rachel Hollis,  Lewis Howes, Trent Shelton, Dean Graziosi, Anthony Trucks, sharing their stories of overcoming hardships, doubts, doubters, no's, etc, and how they got to where they are now.

You leave these events on cloud nine, believing anything is possible.  

Then you get home.

 We arrive home to our teenage daughter, Riley (our dog) and two house guests.  REALITY.  Jet lag, tired from all the excitement, jaw sore from smiling, and I just want to crash.   

Monday morning, ok, let me be honest, noon (morning came and went).  Yep, that is when I finally got out of bed.  No, I wasn't being my best self.  I was tired.  To be honest, I am always tired.  Hum.. light bulb... I keep telling myself I am tired.  It's my justification for pretty much anything I don't do or get done.  You are what you tell yourself.  Note to self, "Ah Shift" ~ Anthony Trucks message

Now what, I have a list of a zillion things to do, that I should be doing.  Where do I start?

"No one conquered the world from their pillow!" - Daryl Collette

First step, get out of bed, brush teeth, shower, and get dressed.  You get the idea.

Next, thing you know I am sitting in front of my mac.  It sits on our kitchen table all of the time.  I keep rotating the chair in front of it so it doesn't wear out before all the others due to the fact it seems to be the most popular spot at the table.  Maybe I need to find it a new home?

Good Me: You have things to do!

Bad Me: Yeah, just a quick check of email.  Wait here is one from Amy Porterfield, I bet it's a good one.  

Average Me: Okay, start the podcast and get something to eat.  I do have to eat.

Bad Me:  hehe

Good Me: Wait, I have been dubbed again, get into your office and start some work, get out your High Performance Planner and start your day.  (time check 2:30pm)

I don't know about you, I am a master of distractions. I normally blame Daryl for being the squirrel in the family. There are just too many good influences in my world.  Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo (started her 5 day class today too), Brendon Burchard (don't ask how many things I have started there and not completed ~ Everything is Figureoutable).  Everyone has something to teach me, but none of them are teaching me to get back on track and stay there.   They are sending me emails telling me the next thing I should do, sign up for, enroll in, watch, listen to, etc.

Stop the madness.  It is now 6:20 pm, and I am writing my first blog.  To be honest, I have been writing it for the past 3 hours.  It sucks, but this is my life today.  I can't count the number of distractions I have had.

Wait, just got another email from Brendon about INFLUENCER2019 titled: How I do it all!  OMG!  

When am I going to get the email that says.  JUST GO DO THE WORK!


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